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  • Personalized atmosphere with a touch
  • Minimalist design, sophisticated style
  • Versatile lighting for any occasion
  • Portable and wireless for convenient use
  • Premium quality for lasting luxury

Atmosphere and sophistication for your spaces

Transform your environment with Margherita, the rechargeable table lamp that is perfectly suited for use at home or in hotels and restaurants. With a sleek, minimalist design, Margherita creates the perfect atmosphere for your outdoor summer dinners.


Illuminate with a simple touch

Equipped with touch control, this lamp allows you to adjust the light, enabling you to create the desired atmosphere with ease. Its high quality and attention to detail make it a truly sought-after luxury item, instantly lending a touch of elegance to any space.


Experience luxury and sophistication

Margherita transforms your spaces into true works of luminous art, bringing excitement and charm with its eye-catching design. Every evening becomes a unique experience as you create unmistakable atmospheres that suit your sophisticated lifestyle.

Adapts to any situation

With Margherita, your sophistication finds a voice through lighting. Whether you desire an intimate atmosphere or a luminous glitz, this lamp fits perfectly, adding a touch of refined beauty to your environment.


Also use it outdoors

Let the timeless beauty of Margherita envelop you as it transforms your rooms into extraordinary spaces. The perfect blend of elegance and functionality will make your spaces magnetic and reflect your unique lifestyle. Add a touch of luxury and brilliance with Margherita!


Technical specifications

Material Alluminium
Battery 24 h
Light LED different intensities
Power 5W
Recharge USB-C


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