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  • Conjures the flawless ambiance (especially outdoors)
  • Effortless, sleek design for a modern touch
  • Intuitive touch control for tailored brilliance
  • Crafted with excellence for unparalleled luxury
  • Elevate outdoor dining experiences

Isabella, the enchantress of lighting, awaits you!

Embark on a journey of sophistication and flawless luminosity with Isabella. Where refined aesthetics harmonize with the perfect radiance. Unlock boundless luxury with just a simple touch.

Transmute your spaces into radiant masterpieces

Bid farewell to the mundane and indulge in a luminary odyssey. Isabella stands at the crossroads of graceful aesthetics and unwavering functionality. Step into a realm of ageless opulence and infuse your abode with an irreplaceable touch of grace.

Your spaces with timeless elegance

Prepare for a sensory escapade with Isabella. Be entranced by its captivating allure and versatile luminance. Unveil the magic of crafting distinctive ambiences, transforming ordinary evenings into extraordinary memories.

A lamp that speaks of your distinction

It's more than light – it's an embodiment of your refined taste. Isabella's exquisite craftsmanship and uncompromising quality mirror your individualistic lifestyle. Ignite your imagination and bestow your dwelling with an everlasting touch of elegance.

Metamorphose your surroundings

Where elegance weds functionality seamlessly. Its magnetic presence and customizable luminosity will usher you into new dimensions of style. Immerse yourself in the timeless allure of Isabella and let your spaces gleam with a dash of opulent allure.


Technical specifications

Material Alluminium
Battery 8 - 20h
Light LED different intensities
Power 5W
Recharge USB-C


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Customer Reviews

Based on 106 reviews
Myrtle Gislason

Sturdy lamp made of metal. Three colors of light that can also be set in terms of intensity.

Reba Bechtelar

Fast delivery, well packed product and works well

Mafalda Halvorson

Perfect as described

Emelie Bechtelar

Everything perfect, very nice lamp, fast shipping

Janice Baumbach

Fine lamp. Fast Delivery